Urok is an independent investment and advisory company dedicated to acquiring companies and building businesses in partnership with management. With expertise and operating experience in media and entertainment businesses, Urok provides value to partners and the Urok family of companies. Areas of focus include:

Intellectual Property Development
Strategic Business Development
Content Distribution
Sports Management
Motor Sports
Event Production
Venue Development
Public-Private Economic Development
Business Expansion to China
& Marketing and Public Relations

The company’s management team has decades of worldwide experience in entertainment presentation, business management and film production.  While this team's individual accomplishments are impressive, the complementary backgrounds and skills have enabled A3D to quickly advance in creating, developing and marketing sought-after 3D entertainment for the rapidly developing suite of 3D distribution channels.

Urok began in 2004.    Our team has been working in the high-definition, 3D cameras and processing technologies and were anxious to use this technology in the largely untapped live entertainment market that included sports, music concerts, and Broadway/theater stage shows. Our contact list spans from New York to Hollywood.  One division of Urok focuses on marketing and public relations including special events, album launch campaigns for new and established events and artists, grassroots' campaigns, image building, and other types of product launches.