About Urok Apparel
Urok Apparel was unleashed on the world in August of 2004. Since then, Urok has experienced steady growth in popularity, as people are discovering Urok Apparel's fashion with a message. Urok has already sponsored many world-wide events, has been featured in national publications and is popping up everywhere. Urok's popularity, in part, is due to innovative fashions and Urok's philosophy behind the name. Urok is clothing with an attitude that speaks to a generation. Urok was founded by Dan Robinson and TIm Murphy of Houston, Texas. Urok emerged from the need to share their positive, can-do attitude with the world. Now with Urok, everyone and anyone can express that attitude with Urok Apparel.

So, whether your on the court, on the street, in the club or just hanging with friends, Urok has you covered...from head to toe. So set you sights high, dream big and accomplish your goals because...Urok!

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